“Forget bulk cotton towels; linen is in. Go-Throw’s oversized beach blanket dries quickly, repels sand and rolls-up to the size of a newspaper. Stuff the four corners on the underside with sand to weigh it down, or, if you’re a pro, use sticks for a makeshift roof. When using, you’ll likely notice jealous eyes staring in your direction. Luckily, with an 80” x 55” footprint, this sprawling beaut has ample room to invite a cuddle from a stranger. Or two.” - Bespoke Post

Old, cotton beach towels just won't cut it anymore.

GoThrow dries faster, absorbs more, repels sand, is twice as big as a regular beach towel and rolls to the size of a newspaper – so it can go where you go.

GoThrow was designed to be your go-to blanket for the park, traveling, or just lounging. Think poolside, planes, parks, barbecues, backyards, fireworks, festivals, friends and freshly mowed lawns. 

Be it the Louvre or the lawn. The GoThrow inspires us to go.
Go see. Go do. GoThrow.
Where will you Go?