About Us

We love to travel

On a cruise a few years ago, we realized that regular beach towels simply don't cut it. They don't dry quickly, spread sand all over everything, and end up stinking of mildew. Thus, the GoThrow was born.

Using specially selected high quality linen, we've created the perfect beach blanket. Twice the size of a regular beach towel, the GoThrow dries faster, repels sand and rolls to the size of a newspaper.


  • Built in straps for rolling up easily.
  • Corner pockets for storing and anchoring.
  • Linen is twice as absorbent as cotton and dries faster.
  • Less weight and more packing room.
  • Repels sand and dirt
  • At double the size of a regular towel, it’s perfect for two.
  • No more mildew – linen breathable and feels smoother.
  • Naturally repels bacteria and fungus – just 15 minutes in the sun kills most bacteria - leaving a fresh linen scent.
  • Linen is 3 times stronger than cotton – meaning a longer lasting & more durable towel.
  • High Thermo-Insulation qualities – when it's hot outside, it keeps you cooler; when it's cold, it saves body heat.

Summer is our inspiration

We create designs that radiate of summer and don't look like your everyday beach blanket. Our collections fit all personalities – from classic and clean to loud and boisterous. We produce a limited number of each GoThrow and rotate collections often to keep our items rare and unique. 

Best of all, we've gone through thousands of linens and patterns to find the optimal quality, softness and absorbency. 


We've done a lot of traveling abroad to volunteer in South America, Mexico and poverty-stricken areas here in the U.S. While our individual efforts are beneficial, we always felt we could make a bigger impact through bigger means. GoThrow uses an economic engine to help others. Through contributions to Kiva, we can make the largest impact.

Kiva is an organization that allows people to lend money interest-free to both small businesses and individuals in developing countries around the world. Our money remains in a fund that recycles back through as the money is repaid, helping others for a long time to come.

Learn more about Kiva

GoThrow was inspired by a problem, but became an inspiration.